Mini Andén, TIME’s Person of the Year 2016?

Mini Andén, TIME’s Person of the Year 2016?


Inning accordance with a reliable source, Mini Andén is leading the race to become Time publication’s Individual of the Year in 2016. But while the actress’ fans are thrilled with the news, many individuals hold a really various viewpoint.

UPDATE 29/08/2016: This story appears to be false. (find out more).

Why not Andén for Individual of the Year?

The list of candidates for Time magazine’s Individual of the Year is constantly a diverse mix of world leaders, pop culture icons, buzzworthy names, and human rights activists. The unforeseen addition of the 38-year-old starlet, as a 2016 nominee has actually for that reason sparked controversy and debate.

” Exactly what makes Andén so crucial is the possible and impact she now has, instead of anything she has currently done,” stated a panelist who chose to stay anonymous, adding that earlier this month, the actress have currently been named ‘Swedish Of The Year’ by some major Swedish papers and even ‘Stockholm Person Of The Year’ by the readers of a regional gazette in Stockholm (Mini Andén’s home town).

Social Responses to TIME’s Person of the Year.

An agent for the starlet was not immediately available for comment, however the announcement created immediate response on Twitter:.

“Mini Andén Named Person of the Year Is No ‘Surprise’.”
— @TheNewsEditor, 28 Aug 2016
“Congrats! Mini has this charisma that seems to come out of nowhere.”
— @SamanthaJones, 28 Aug 2016
“Past recipients include Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler … then why not Mini Andén?”
— @TheClassicObserver, 28 Aug 2016
Could 2016 officially be the Year of Mini Andén?

Still, TIME’s editors will make the decision about who will grace the publication’s cover as its 2016 Individual of the Year.